Alfie Best

Founder and CEO of Wyldecrest Parks

Alfie is the Chairman of Wyldecrest Parks, a mobile home park company. Alfie's businesses in the UK include 75 residential mobile home parks, seven holiday mobile home parks and a golf course in Hertfordshire, along with a 50% share in 15 sites in the US, totalling £285 million. He was recently featured in the Sunday Times UK rich list. He was born in a caravan to a poor Romany Gypsy family. He left school at the age of 12 and started his first business at 14 years old, buying and selling cars and vans.

Alfie Best, Wyldecrest Parks
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1:40 | What is "Wyldecrest Parks"? Alfie gives some insight into the reasons for its success.
3:22 | Alfie discusses the age range of his customers, and talks about the challenges of managing pre-existing residential parks which his business has purchased.
5:11 | Alfie talks about the financial side of Wyldecrest Parks.
7:23 | Alfie talks about the international part of the business, and explains some of the potential issues with continuing to expand abroad.
8:24 | Alfie talks about his role in the business.
9:09 | Alfie discusses the differences between the nature of his business model inside the UK, and abroad. He talks about the perception of the types of homes provided by his business, and his part in changing those perceptions. 
12:15 | Alfie talks about the number of employees in the business, and the culture within the team.
14:28 | Alfie describes when and why he started Wyldecrest Parks. 
17:12 | Alfie talks about some of the businesses that he founded before Wyldecrest Parks.
18:21 | Alfie delves further into the reasons behind his decision to move into the business of park homes.
21:10 | How did Alfie fund his first park?
22:27 | Alfie describes how he grew the business over a period of 18 years.
28:08 | How Alfie scaled up Wyldecrest Parks.
30:18 | How Alfie knew he was ready to expand — was there a particular moment?
35:27 | Alfie talks about his "always say yes" policy, and his hopes to become the largest park operator in the world, and what that would mean for the size of the business.
37:57 | Alfie talks about the importance and nature of having clear goals. He discusses "want" vs "need", and his thoughts on how to define success.
45:00 | The importance of making sure that your team all "sing from the same hymn sheet". How to manage the financial side of the maintenance and improvement of his parks.
48:05 | Why the name "Wyldecrest Parks"?
50:06 | Alfie talks about his plan to float the company.
50:37 | Alfie talks about some of his mistakes, and two of the rules he lives by. Why is the Wyldecrest parks logo blue?