David Hieatt

Co-founder of The Do Lectures (and Hiut Denim)

David Hieatt is an entrepreneur in the purest sense of the word. From Howies to Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures, David knows how to build a business well. His expertise lies in creativity, fashion, business agility and teamwork. David wanted to share his business expertise with the world, so he started The Do Lectures, a platform for ideas sharing. Starting with 30 speakers, over the two sites (Wales and California), it was voted into the top ten ideas festivals in the world by the Guardian. The talks have been watched millions of times online.

David Hieatt - The Do Lectures
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0:39 | David explains what the “Do Lectures” are, giving insight into the themes of the lectures.

2:30 | David discusses the intimate setting in which the Do Lectures take place, noting that small companies can have a large influence.

4:05 | David delves further into the specifics of the environment and geographical location that the Do Lectures take place in.

6:58 | David talks about some of the facilities at the event.

9:19 | David gives an insight into the curatorial process of choosing speakers. He explains how the location gives an impact to the lectures.

11:05 | David expands on the purpose of the Do Lectures.
12:12 | David describes how the constraints brought about by the size of the event have actually had a positive effect.

15:15 | David recalls the first ever series of Do Lectures. He touches on the importance of community in the success of the initial lectures.

17:08 | David recounts the logistical and financial difficulties of the first few years and explains how the company has grown since then, in spite of the issues produced by Covid-19.

21:00 | Alan and David discuss the logistics of making a business model financially sustainable in its initial years.

23:15 | David goes on to describe how the business has grown, talking about offshoots of Do Lectures, including the Do Book company.

27:14 | David explains that the growth of the Do Lectures can be attributed to community, not to sponsorships or advertisement.

30:55 - David reflects on what Do Lectures could have done differently in its initial years, and talks about the hard work that went into getting the Do Lectures concept off the ground.

32:34 | Alan and David discuss business cycles, and how a shift in attitude towards a business can allow a business to grow up.

33:56 | David shares his hopes for the Do Lectures, expressing the value of founders in expanding a business.

37:50 | Alan and David consider the importance of shared values, and of creating a culture for a business to grow organically.

40:30 | David gives insight into the business community that he is a part of, describing the ways in which the community self-manages.

43:57 | Alan asks David to share his learnings. David returns to the importance of having the right attitude towards a business. He explains how a change in attitude has allowed him to serve his community and customers better. He touches on the importance of patience.

47:27 | David highlights the potential impact of cultivating a positive culture in a business, and of creating a sense of pride.

51:45 | David shares the website address and contact details for the Do Lectures.