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11 December 2023

James Grundy

Brewing up a storm, with James Grundy

James GrundyCo-Founder of Small Beer Brew Co
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In our enlightening conversation, James:

  • Talks about the brewery's signature 'mid-strength' beers and gives a brief history of the term 'small beer' itself.

  • Explains how their modern production methods differ from the past.

  • Explores the current trend for lower ABV (alcohol by volume) beers and how Small Beer aims to maximise flavour.

  • Summarises his history working in the drinks industry and how it’s informed his mindset with Small Beer.

  • Gives an insight into the early days of the business, and challenges they faced.

  • Talks about their first client being the Savoy Hotel bar, and how pivotal early deals with Majestic Wines and Waitrose were.

  • Describes Small Beer’s B Corp journey, describing their pioneering water saving techniques and other energy saving measures.

  • Discusses that becoming a ‘1% for the planet' partner means that 1% of the brewery's revenue goes to an environmental cause – in their case, Project Coral, a world leading coral restoration project based in South London.

  • Details the range of beers produced by Small Beer.

  • Focuses on the importance of having a passionate team, and the logistical details of the business.

  • Looks to the brewery’s future plans and goals.

  • Delves into why ‘contract’ brewing isn’t an option for international growth, due to the specialist equipment required.

  • Shares his learnings, including the importance of always having a back-up plan.

James Grundy

Co-Founder of Small Beer Brew Co


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

1:52 – Speaking from the brewery about the beers and the history of the term ‘small beer’.

4:27 – How small beers used to be produced, compared to modern production methods.

7:20 – Current trends, both locally and globally.

10:20 – James’s history working in the drinks industry.

14:30 – Early days and early deals.

19:05 – Pivotal success points.

25:20 – Becoming London's first B Corp certified brewery.

28:20 – Signing up as a '1% for the planet' partner.

31:00 – Small Beer’s current range of beers.

35:32 – A passionate team.

42:58 – Future plans.

46:30 – Leading a charge for sensible production in consumer goods.

47:45 – International growth constraints.

50:32 – Sharing learnings.

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