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14 November 2023

Martin Bunch

Practising law through purpose, with Martin Bunch

Martin BunchManaging Partner at Bates Wells
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In our inspirational conversation, Martin:

  • Summarises Bates Wells and its history, detailing its B Corp journey which led to it becoming the first law firm to be certified B Corp in the UK.

  • Explains its climate programme and solicitor apprentice scheme.

  • Highlights the significant pro bono work the firm did for Uber drivers, a case which was eventually heard in the Supreme Court.

  • Talks about how the firm has adapted to hybrid/remote working.

  • Expands on some of Bates Wells’ work, including how it successfully changed disability discrimination laws.

  • Observes how having a clear direction attracts potential employees and clients, and why trying to be 'all things to all people' isn’t a successful approach.

  • Shares his thoughts on adding purpose to the concept of the 'triple bottom line', the concept of 'purpose-washing' and the nature of purpose for Bates Wells.

  • Delves into the Better Business Act, which was drafted by Bates Wells, and the progress it’s making.

  • Describes how bringing specific people in to run parts of the business has been very effective, despite the costs involved.

  • Outlines the firm’s pricing model and stresses the importance of transparency with clients when it comes to costs.

  • Focuses on how helping people is part of the company’s culture.

  • Examines lessons learned along the way, including what happens when you try to change things too quickly – evolution, not revolution, is key.

  • Looks to the exciting times ahead and expresses the progress he’d like to see with the B Corp movement across other businesses.

Martin Bunch

Managing Partner at Bates Wells


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

2:00 – Who Bates Wells is and what it's about.

3:55 – The B Corp journey.

8:20 – Pro bono work for Uber drivers.

10:20 – Solicitor apprentice scheme.

11:45 – Adapting to hybrid/remote working.

13:20 – Founding principles and keeping on track.

24:28 – Not being ‘all things to all people’.

27:40 – The nature of purpose, its importance for businesses and the concept of 'purpose-washing'.

31:30 – The Better Business Act.

37:30 – Knowing when you’re on to something.

39:40 – Bringing in business specialists.

42:20 – Pricing models and cost transparency with clients.

45:05 – A passion for pro bono work.

48:10 – Learnings and mistakes along the way; 'evolution, not revolution.'

51:30 – Exciting times ahead.

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