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25 July 2022

Spencer Gallagher

Supporting creative agencies, with Spencer Gallagher

Spencer GallagherCo-Founder and CEO of Cactus
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In this inspiring interview you will hear:

  • How Spencer helps agencies unlock their growth mindset and how to shift away from the wrong decisions to the right ones.

  • The power of yin and yan in business - how pairing with the right partner has been the key to his success.

  • How by removing hierarchy and embracing 'holacracy' in a business can increase efficiency and improve teams.

  • The importance of constant learning. He also shares some amazing book recommendations!

  • The value of outside advice to help avoid self-sabotage and overwhelm.

  • And finally, how the incredible power of having a single vision, focus and a strong belief system is the key to success.

Spencer Gallagher

Co-Founder and CEO of Cactus


3:06 - How Cactus utilises a collaboration based economy model.

6:20 - The challenges that Cactus helps agencies to overcome.

7:50 - Working in pairs to combine strengths and specialities.

9:42 - Scaling up.

14:46 - Agile working, and flat structured business models.

19:24 - ‘Eco-pods’.

21:50 - Unfortunate career beginnings.

30:31 - The factors in realising the potential of the first company.

36:30 - Benefits and challenges of ‘bundling and unbundling’.

41:11 - Why growth consultancy.

44:14 - Ambitions for Cactus.

49:43 - Sharing learning.

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