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So You Think Your Customer Rewards Programme is Great?

Customer rewards program Alan Wick business coach

I’ve just filled in a customer satisfaction survey for my mobile service provider. It was all going well until there were questions about rating their 'rewards and benefits'.

They listed some examples of what they mean by 'rewards and benefits'. The thing is that every single one of them is part of the reason I choose this company. It's what I pay for.

I’m not aware they've ever offered me any rewards, even though I’ve been a customer for decades, through several brand and ownership changes.

I can’t believe a household name company can get this so wrong.

Benefits are expected as part of the deal, whereas rewards, by their very nature, are unexpected, or, if you like, 'extras”.

I started the survey feeling positive about the company, but I ended it feeling annoyed with them for conflating benefits with rewards.

In your business, have you defined precisely what benefits your customers can expect as standard vs. rewards they don’t expect? How about for your management and staff? And for your key partners and suppliers?


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