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Bob Bannister

Bob Bannister

Founder, iManage Performance

We discussed various topics, including:

  • How to successfully manage remote teams.

  • The creation of high functioning teams and how to get people working well together.

  • The importance of trust within remote teams.

  • How to encourage professional intimacy.

  • The impact of flexibility at work on lifestyle.

  • The silver linings that can come out of difficult times.

Bob BannisterFounder, iManage Performance
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Bob Bannister
Bob Bannister
Bob Bannister

1:38 | Alan introduces Bob Bannister, and invites Bob to describe iManage Performance. Bob describes the company as a training company that works with organisations to change people for good. 

3:50 | Bob gives a few examples of the large cross section of clients and companies that iManage Performance works with. 

5:42 | Bob outlines the various areas that exist within management and leadership that companies wish to develop. This includes the creation of high functioning teams, and remote working capabilities. 

8:30 | Bob explains why there is a need to work with and develop high functioning teams, highlighting the lack of enquiry and disclosure that exists within high functioning teams. 

10:46 | Bob describes how his company creates teams that reflect and share. He goes on to reveal how teams often don’t explore their “function and form.” 

14:24 | Bob expresses the benefits that an organisation can gain from going through the exercises conducted by iManage Performance. He explains that he prefers to work with organisations long term, to ensure there is no fall back. 

16:43 | Bob reveals how working with one department can have a positive effect on the rest of a company. 

17:30 | Bob recounts how iManage Performance started to work with companies to improve remote working, and explains how he came into contact with a professor conducting research into remote working. 

20:54 | Bob details the hazards that can come with remote working. He highlights how trust can be affected when a team is dispersed. 

23:12 | Bob shares some tips for remote teams. He proposes a new purpose for in person meetings. 

25:23 | Bob explains how his education led him into manufacturing. He reveals how completing an MBA acted as a catalyst for the start of his own company in training management. 

32:18 | Bob describes the business's first year, and the goals he had in this initial year. He explains how he keeps himself motivated and focused on targets. 

35:18 | Bob reveals the impact that running a business has had on his lifestyle, underlining the benefits of flexibility. 

38:26 | Alan asks Bob what he feels his greatest achievements are. Bob responds by explaining that he has a lot of pride for the work he conducts with major companies. He also discusses the gratification he gains from running a commercial business which creates positive change. 

41:15 | Bob recalls a few occasions when he considered giving up the business, underscoring 2011 as a tough year for iManage Performance. He describes the silver lining of this difficult time. 

44:12 | Bob shares his hopes for the future of the company, explaining his intentions for growing iManage Performance. 

46:45 | Bob imparts some advice for new entrepreneurs, emphasising the value of a good network and being able to sell a product. 

50:05 | Bob shares two websites that listeners can visit to find out more about the services his company provides. 

50:30 | Alan wraps up the show.

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