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Carrie Bedingfield

Carrie Bedingfield


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In this interview, Carrie shared her thoughts on:

  • Increasing productivity through effective time management.

  • How to manage multiple businesses.

  • Childhood traits that lead to entrepreneurship.

  • The importance of strong business relationships.

  • When you know it’s time to let your business go.

Carrie BedingfieldEntrepreneur
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Carrie Bedingfield
Carrie Bedingfield
Carrie Bedingfield

1:38 | Carrie introduces herself and talks about the businesses she runs. 

3:43 | Carrie gives examples of clients that use the services which her businesses provide, and the positive outcomes achieved. 

6:17 | Carrie expands on the different brands and business that she runs, and explains how they help companies to re-approach and improve the ways in which they operate. 

7:54 | Carrie discusses her approach to work, and reveals how this ethos allows her to efficiently run multiple businesses. 

9:51 | Carrie describes her path to becoming an entrepreneur, and talks about her key influences. 

12:55 | Carrie describes the circumstances that led her to start up her first business, Onefish Twofish. 

15:16 | Carrie outlines the goals she had when she began her first business, and talks about how she motivated herself to reach those goals. 

17:05 | Carrie explains the origin of the name Onefish Twofish. 

18:00 | Carrie discusses how and when she realised that her first business was becoming successful. She goes on to talk about how a recession affected the business. 

19:16 | Carrie gives insight into her educational background, and how her mentality has given her the confidence to learn new things. 

20:50 | Carrie talks about the concept of achievement, and details her movement between the different chapters of her career. 

24:15 | Carrie talks about the biggest mistake of her career in which there was a phase where she regularly shifted responsibilities. Alan and Carrie discuss delegation, authority, accountability and responsibility in growing a business. 

28:54 | Carrie talks about times when issues and uncertainty surrounded one of her businesses, and reveals the positives of letting one go. 

32:29 | Carrie discusses future opportunities for her businesses, and identifies the unclaimed space for transforming the way in which companies conduct meetings. 

35:22 | Carrie considers the challenges involved in promoting the significant benefits offered by Carrie's business to potential clients. 

37:55 | Carrie recounts the biggest lesson she has learned in her career so far, discussing her belief in the importance of forging good relationships, and in making time for people. 

40:44 | Carrie shares her advice for someone starting a business, emphasising the value in loving what you do. 

42:50 | Reflections section. Alan recaps the learnings from the interview.

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