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Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure

Founder of the Sound Agency

In addition, we discussed subjects including:

  • What is ‘the business of sound’ and how it can benefit businesses.

  • The importance of having a very clear purpose.

  • The challenges of offering a product or service that people don’t know they need.

  • How to build a successful business with a virtual team.

  • The difference between having faith in one’s business & knowing it’ll succeed.

  • Julian’s most important learnings from his long experience as an entrepreneur.

Julian TreasureFounder of the Sound Agency
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Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure

1:00 | Julian talks about the services provided by The Sound Agency and highlights the need for appropriate sound in branding.

2:25 | Julian discusses the negatives of background music in commercial and public spaces.

5:03 | Julian describes the factors considered by The Sound Agency when they designed a soundscape for Mall of the Emirates.

6:05 | Julian expands upon the definition of a “soundscape” and talks about some of the positive experiences made possible by soundscapes.

9:35 | Julian discusses how creating soundscapes involves a mix of research and creativity. He explains that when different groups of people hear sounds, they often have conflicting reactions.

11:50 | Julian describes some of the methods used by The Sound Agency to express a brand. He continues by advocating for the use of sonic logos.

14:44 | Julian explores his involvement with TED talks, and recounts some of his experiences.

18:39 | Julian recalls the first business he started, and the problems he faced. He details the growth of the business, and the issues that resulted from selling the company.

21:35 | Julian explains why he started The Sound Agency, referencing his experience as a drummer in his awareness and interest in sound.

27:07 | Alan asks Julian whether there was a moment when he knew The Sound Agency would be successful. Julian responds by explaining that he holds a general belief that things will “work out”.

29:35 | Julian reflects on the challenges of launching The Sound Agency, emphasising the difficulty of selling a product that people don't realise they need.

32:26 | Julian shares his learnings. He emphasises the importance of recognising his own weaknesses, and of building a strong team to compensate.

35:50 | Alan identifies that due to the company's philosophy, many of The Sound Agency's employees work remotely. Alan asks Julian to share any tips he may have for companies having to adapt to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Julian responds by underlining the importance of setting boundaries between working and personal life, and of prioritising personal values.

44:58 | Julian expresses his excitement for a new nature-based sound product for workspaces. He explains his plans for his place in the company in the future.

50:00 | Alan wraps up the interview, thanking Julian for coming on the show.

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