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Juliet Barratt

Juliet Barratt

Co-founder and CMO of Grenade

In this fascinating interview, we discussed:

  • Juliet’s recipe for success.

  • The importance of branding.

  • The key role of distribution channels.

  • The positive and negative effects of investors on your business.

  • The key to surrounding yourself with the right people.

  • Understanding the language of different markets and how to make them work for you.

  • How to nurture the culture of your business and keeping it the way that you want.

  • What business mentors could do for you and your business.

Juliet BarrattCo-founder and CMO of Grenade
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Juliet Barratt
Juliet Barratt
Juliet Barratt

2:08 | Juliet describes her position in Grenade prior to stepping down in 2019. She details the purpose of Grenade, and the size of the business.

3:10 | Juliet outlines the global distribution network of the company.

3:37 | Juliet discusses the change in the market in relation to Grenade's most popular products.

4:08 | Juliet describes Grenade's audience, and its broad mix of customers.

4:41 | Alan asks Juliet what inspired her to start the company. Juliet recounts her career path, and talks about how she met her business partner.

5:25 | Juliet describes the first years of the business, and the work that went into advertising their products.

7:15 | Juliet explains how she self-funded the business.

8:05 | Juliet highlights the importance of having a belief in a product, as well as having a good understanding and reputation when going into a market.

9:29 | Alan and Juliet consider the importance of a good partnership. Juliet talks about the value of having separate roles within the company.

10:57 | Juliet explains the choices made by Grenade in regards to manufacturing their products.

12:19 | Alan asks Juliet about IP protection.

12:46 | Juliet talks about the process of moving into the mainstream market.

14:04 | Juliet emphasises the importance of strong, original branding, and says that she attributes much of Grenade's success to marketing.

16:14 | Juliet describes the growth of the business, and the process of promoting Grenade's protein bars into the mainstream snack market. She refers to the opportunities at this time as a chance for “de-risking”, and explains why this was important to the process of developing the company.

19:02 | Juliet talks about the difficulties of being emotionally invested as an entrepreneur, and the positives of having guidance from a partner and investor.

20:18 | Juliet describes the changes that she and her partner made to the company following their first major business deal.

21:22 | Juliet reviews the effect of investors entering the company, and discusses the process of hiring more people and delegating.

23:30 | Juliet describes how the business grew organically.

24:05 | Juliet considers the differences in products and branding intended for US and for Global markets. She also recounts the challenges of manufacturing and operating a company in the US.

26:55 | Juliet touches upon the Middle Eastern market, and the challenges of exporting to countries like Dubai.

27:58 | Alan asks Juliet about her plans for the future. Juliet responds by detailing plans to offer branding guidance to start-up businesses.

29:17 | Alan asks Juliet to reveal some of her mistakes, and her learnings. Juliet affirms her belief in the importance of being surrounded by like-minded people when growing a business.

31:56 | Juliet describes her approach to employment and creating a culture within a company.

34:34 | Juliet gives her contact details, and invites small businesses to get in touch regarding her mentoring and consultancy service.

Reflections Section

36:35 | Alan reflects on the learnings of the interview.

37:00 | Juliet’s development strategy, focusing on the importance of knowing your market and product, and having a clear goal.

40:10 | The benefits of Grenade’s business strategy in the later years with regards to exporting and distribution.

40:55 | Marketing was such a key part of Grenade's success, highlighting the value of having memorable branding.

43:52 | The different responsibilities in the business, focusing on financial responsibility.

45:42 | The different variables in funding, and the choices that Juliet and her partner made.

47:46 | Juliet and her partner were able to reduce the risk of setting up a new company because of their intimate knowledge of the market, and their pre-existing relationships within the domain.

48:50 | The concept of “de-risking”.

50:30 | The crucial importance of the culture within Grenade, and how this was a key part of the business's success.

52:46 | The lessons learned by Juliet upon starting the business.

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