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Rachel Flanagan

Rachel Flanagan

Founder of Mrs Buckét

In this fascinating interview you will hear:

  • How Rachael has grown her business from distributing a box of flyers to a 300+ workforce with a 96% staff and client retention.

  • Why developing a niche in the market is vital and how it has made Mrs Buckét stand out.

  • The value of using quirky and innovative techniques to win new business.

  • Why it is so important to look after people and how Mrs Buckét develop their staff, wanting to be known as ‘Employer of Choice.’

  • How Mrs Buckét consistently strives to be innovative and the ‘go to’ industry expert.

Rachel FlanaganFounder of Mrs Buckét
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Rachel Flanagan
Rachel Flanagan
Rachel Flanagan

1:40 | Alan welcomes Rachael Flanagan to the show. He invites Rachael to introduce herself and her business. Rachael gives a brief insight into her personal life and background.

2:53 | Rachael recalls the decisions that led her to call her business “Mrs Buckét”.

3:48 | Rachael explains that she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She discusses how this drive combined with her childhood experiences allowed her to start a business when circumstances offered an opportunity.

6:11 | Rachael details the size of the business, and the sites it operates from. She goes on to give an insight into the clients that the business provides a service to, including some of its more niche services. Rachael describes the structure of the business and the way the company operates.

9:12 | Rachael explains the approaches the company takes to attract the best cleaners.

11:20 | Alan and Rachael discuss the difficulties of employing and retaining valuable staff. Rachel shares some tips for finding the right employees, highlighting the importance of a strong company image. She goes on to impart some live examples of how they try to find the right employees for the company.

16:29 | Rachael expresses how she wants Mrs Buckét to be perceived, focussing on branding.

18:18 | Rachael discusses the sectors that Mrs Buckét specialises in, and details how they adapt their services for different sectors in order to create a more positive perception of the cleaning industry.

20:42 | Rachael attributes the company’s high retention rate to company values, and the actions of employees.

22:04 | Rachael describes her approach to finding new clients, and shares advice for strengthening brand identity.

26:33 | Rachael highlights the importance of giving a good service to gain business through referrals.

27:31 | Rachael explains why she decided to start a cleaning company.

30:00 | Rachael recalls the steps she took when starting Mrs Buckét, and talks about how she slowly grew the business.

34:55 | Rachael explains why she decided to move from domestic to commercial cleaning in the year that the company’s worth grew to 1 million. She goes on to reveal the negative impact on growth that this move had, and how it allowed the company to re-focus resources.

38:01 | Rachael confirms that the company has not received any funding so far, instead relying on cashflow and loans. She explains how mistakes in managing cashflow led to more proficient bookkeeping. Rachael emphasizes the importance of re-investing back into the business.

42:17 | Rachael talks about the impact of Covid-19 on the business, focussing on the positive light that the pandemic has shone on the cleaning industry. She describes the marketing decisions made in response to the pandemic, and explains how the company positioned itself differently in response to the drop off in business in the office sector.

46:42 | Rachael shares her hopes for the company, including a focus on retention short-term, and growth long-term into other services and eventually a national market.

49:41 | Alan asks Rachael how she sees her own role in the company changing. Rachael explains that she will prioritise a role that she feels will enhance the business whilst giving the team room to run the company.

51:04 | Alan and Rachael discuss matters of control and how Rachael has managed delegation.

53:38 | Rachael shares her learnings, including the importance of focussing on brand, sales, customer experience, and hiring employees who are skilled. She emphasizes the value of a support network. She concludes by highlighting the importance in reinvesting.

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