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Take a RealityCheck® for your business and discover what's really going on.

The RealityCheck® Scorecard

Answer the questions below and you'll receive a report with feedback tailored to your business.

It's quick and it's free.

And you won't be bombarded by emails — that's a promise.

Discover which business areas you need to focus on.

Find out what the strengths and weaknesses are of your business so you can form a plan of action.

Answer questions from my tried and tested Four Pillars of Business™ to help you understand what's going on with your business.

Girl taking note next to a laptop

Your business will be measured against the tried and tested Four Pillars of Business™:

Future-Pillar Graphic


Vision, brand positioning and channels to market.

Money-Pillar Graphic


Attitude to money, financial management and funding sources.

People-Pillar Graphic


Purpose, values, company culture and leadership. 

Day-to-day-Pillar Graphic


Marketing & sales, roles & responsibilities, processes & procedures. 

This will help you to understand what's really going on with your business, plus enable you to form a plan of action to address the findings of the RealityCheck®.

  • It's free to take.

  • It’s proven to work time and time again.

  • The results and the report are 100% tailored to your business.

The RealityCheck® Scorecard report will lay it all out in a simple and straightforward way, using my proven Four Pillars of Business™ system.

Your report shows you exactly where your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are.

After filling it in and receiving your results, you can then (if you wish) book a free to attend, nothing to buy, consultation with Alan. You won't be bombarded with emails — that's a promise.

carrie-bedingfield headshot

Carrie Bedingfield, Entrepreneur & Investor

"I work with Alan when I’m faced with difficult decisions and the stakes are high. I prize his insight, coaching and mentoring very highly; he is direct, scrupulous, sees the big picture and all the detail. 

Alan fights my corner and challenges me hard to think differently — as an entrepreneur, that's my top combination! He also meets me (conceptually) at a place that leaves me energised, not overwhelmed."

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