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Love Business. Embrace Innovation! webinar 19th November 2020

On the 19th November, I ran my webinar: Love Business. Embrace Innovation! We had a fantastic audience of people who love their business, and who want to embrace innovation.

Good business is caring about and paying attention to every aspect of it, including all of its stakeholders.

During the session, using real life examples, I:

  • Illustrated what it means to love your business and why it’s so important.

  • Showed how to think about your business through the lens of innovation.

  • Pointed out the blockers to innovation and how to overcome them.

  • Gave tools to constantly improve and grow successfully with innovation at the heart of your business.

There was also an interesting Q&A section after the presentation.

I'm pleased to share the recording of the webinar, the slides, and details of what the attendees thought about love and business — see below.

Apologies, there's a 30 second audio dropout 17 minutes into the recording.

I asked all those who took part to give their thoughts on a number of questions in the Zoom chat box, which we then discussed during the session. Below I detail the questions and the attendees' brilliant answers.

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