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Peter Backman

Peter Backman

Entrepreneur and Eating Out Expert

Listen to our conversation to hear more about:

  • What it means to be an entrepreneur.

  • The benefits of working in the hospitality industry.

  • Why it is so important to have clear goals.

  • What it takes to go from zero to hero in business.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a partner in the business.

  • The future of restaurants and the philosophy behind Peter’s book ‘Restaurants Also Serve Food’.

  • Peter’s advice to young entrepreneurs.

Peter BackmanEntrepreneur and Eating Out Expert
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Peter Backman
Peter Backman
Peter Backman

4:35 | Peter introduces himself and his company. He explains the purpose of his business and summarises the eating out market.

5:53 | Peter gives an example of a company that has he worked with, and how his business has aided them.

8:00 | Peter describes how he uses both data and experience to provide a service.

9:23 | Peter describes his career path.

11:02 | Peter describes the transition from working in a laboratory to becoming an entrepreneur.

15:08 | Peter recounts how financial issues caused tension within the partnership he created, and the circumstances that led him to sell the business.

20:10 | Peter goes on to describe the tensions and difficulties working for the buyer of his business and the lessons he learnt from this.

21:52 | Peter explains the events that happened after he bought back his business.

22:49 | Alan asks Peter whether he had any goals during this time. Peter answers, explaining why not having goals was one of his biggest mistakes.

23:36 | Peter describes how his job impacts his life, and how he manages his personal and working life.

24:54 | Peter explains what, in his job, gives him the greatest satisfaction.

26:30 | Peter reveals the learnings that he wishes to pass on. He touches on the importance of sticking with ideas and the positives of working with other people.

28:31 | Peter explains how he doesn’t enjoy managing people. He goes on to describe the changes he has made so that he can focus on the areas of running a business that he enjoys, and the projects he wishes to invest more time into.

33:10 | Peter describes the impact that home delivery has had on the restaurant business and raises the question of how the restaurant industry will be funded in the future. Peter describes a project he has launched to help restaurateurs and investors understand issues in the industry.

39:17 | Peter explains the philosophy behind his book Restaurants Also Serve food, highlighting the difference between a retailer and a restaurant.

41:10 | Alan asks Peter about future opportunities. Peter outlines a few projects on the horizon and areas of interest he wishes to pursue.

43:40 | Peter offers some advice for someone hoping to start up a business.

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