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I’ve been inspired by many amazing authors over the years that have helped me develop and hone my thinking — here are a few of my favourite books that I recommend everyone read.

So, when I was invited to write a chapter of my first book in 2021, I was hugely honoured… and equally thrilled to be invited to write for two more books shortly after. Below I detail more about these three books.

We all know how impactful and motivational reading the right words at the right time can be.

This brilliant new book On a Friday: make a difference/a handbook for leaders  is bursting with ‘right words’ - 27 short, impactful and wise chapters each written by a member of the Light Hearted Leaders community (LHL), including me!

The title is an homage to LHL’s meet up every Friday when we share insights and support each other. 

Together we are stronger!

The chapter I wrote is in the section ‘Growth and contribution are non-negotiable.’ and is titled ‘Embracing love in business’.

When you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts about what resonated with you and which points you think you’ll be implementing in your business.

On a Friday Book held by Alan Wick
How to be a 6 Star business.jpeg

I am honoured to have been asked to write a chapter for the book, "How to be a 6 Star Business: An action guide to move beyond 5 star reviews and create a bigger impact in the world" created by Peter Daly-Dickson and Aveline Clarke, the inspirational founders of the 6 Star Business Community.

Here is a quote from my chapter ‘Embracing love in business’:

“Yes, of course every business needs to make money, otherwise why bother? But I can guarantee, from personal experience, that running a business with the single, results-driven priority of making as much money as possible can be a stressful, uncomfortable and hollow experience. You can run a successful business with the triple bottom line of ‘People. Planet. Profit.’ always front of mind”.

When you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts about what resonated with you and which points you think you’ll be implementing in your business.

I have written a chapter in Visionary Male Leaders.

The book was edited by Sarah Bellorini and is a “collection of inspirational and implementable articles for leaders who want to evolve their own leadership skills and the capabilities of their entire team.”

My chapter is titled "Why I Champion Conscious Empathic Leadership", and I share my perspective that encourages all leaders, to evolve their leadership style and be as effective as possible in today's climate. 

I really believe that leaders have to 'get into' this new type of approach of conscious and empathic leadership, whether you're male or female. Otherwise, you're not going to attract younger generations into your organisation.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Dimitar (Dimi) Cholakov about my chapter, you can watch the interview here.

Visionary Male Leaders_edited.jpg

I appear regularly in online and print publications. Here are a couple of articles from the Financial Times.

Be prepared for outside interest - financial times article
Survivor delivers sound advice - financial times article
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