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Are we a match?

Over the years I’ve found there are common beliefs of clients with whom I’ve had — and continue to have — the most mutually-rewarding working relationships. Are we a match?

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Restlessness.

  • Hunger to learn.

  • Ready for change.

  • Open to new ideas.

  • Has a growth mindset.

  • Serious about their work.

  • Enjoys being challenged, isn't precious.

  • Purpose-led, seeks influence before profit.

  • Knows that business is a marathon not a sprint.

  • Looks for people better than themselves to join the team.

  • Cares about the workforce; building a great culture is crucial.

  • Realises that their life and business are their own responsibility.

  • Will always put long-term sustainability ahead of short term profit.

  • Willingness to work on assignments between sessions ('homework').

  • Follows the quadruple bottom line of 4P’s – People, Profit, Planet, and Purpose.

  • Committed to continuous learning and development, personally and professionally.

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