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Corporate Social Responsibility

Illustration of an orange tree

Illustration by Michael Morgenstern

The Quadruple Bottom Line


The Quadruple Bottom Line is the ‘new’ Triple Bottom Line, adding Purpose to Profit, People and Planet.


It’s where everyone in the business, starting crucially at the top, has the innate mindset of ‘doing the right thing’ for themselves and for others.


Of course, a business must make money, but how we generate those profits and how we ‘pay it forward’ are, in my view, equally important, if not more so.

Otherwise, what’s it all for?

As Henry Ford famously said “To do more for the world than the world does for you, that is success.”


That’s why practising Corporate Social Responsibility means that we are aware of, and sensitive to, how we impact society, operating our businesses in ways that enhance society and the environment.

What Do I Do to 'Walk the Talk'?

For me, it’s about:

  • Giving my time free of charge. 

  • Paying forward my experience and my learnings. 

  • Raising others up.

Examples include…

  • Working with altruistic ventures like Kickstart Coffee and others.

  • Acting as ‘Pilotlighter’ and a Trustee at Pilotlight, which itself supports many charities and social enterprises.

  • Hosting a business-oriented weekly Radio Show for my local community.

  • Mentoring the founders of The Happy Startup School.

  • Connecting people in my network who can help each other.

  • Working towards B Corp accreditation.

Do get in touch if it would be helpful for me to talk to you about how you can incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility into your business’s framework. Free of charge, of course!


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