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My fees are bespoke.

They're based on three elements: the size of the business, the complexity of the work, and, to be fully transparent, my keenness to work with a particular company (see Are we a match?).

Virtually all work is charged on either a fixed fee or monthly retainer basis.

I rarely quote an hourly rate. That's needed only when I'm providing support for M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), inward equity investment, or sale of the business. In these situations it’s virtually impossible to predict how much of my time will be needed, so I quote £500 per hour (+ VAT for UK-based organisations).

Occasionally I meet an entrepreneur who’s keen to work with me (and vice versa), but they can’t afford my fees. Typically their business is at an early stage. If I believe they and their business have exceptional potential, I'm open to discussing lowering my fees in exchange for an agreement that as the company grows, I reduce the level of discount. It’s a form of ‘sweat equity’.


In some circumstances fees are success-based, for example a share of:

  • increased profits.

  • incoming equity investment.

  • enterprise value on sale of the business.

In all cases the work and fees are co-created through discussion.

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