Phil Eden

FD, Delicious Alchemy

"Alan is a tremendous asset to our management team, adding real value by providing methodologies and structures to apply while asking probing questions about our next steps. As a business in scale up, we face challenges of taking the business to the next level while ensuring it’s done in a controlled yet energetic manner. Alan has been instrumental in this success, derived from his years of business experience; all done in a diplomatic, knowledgeable and passionate manner. I highly recommend Alan’s services."

Fiona Halton

Chief Executive, Pilotlight

"He is particularly good at two things. One is he always provides another view – comes at things from a different but very considered angle and that’s helpful. Secondly, he’s always probing and has a critical mind – that’s useful. He grasps issues very quickly and he synthesises them well. He understands the bigger picture and has been clearly understanding of the politics around small to medium-sized organisations. He’s helped us move forward."

Peter Backman

Principal, Peter Backman

"Alan has brought clarity and purpose to my business at a time when it's been undergoing extensive transformation. He has been instrumental in helping me negotiate a number of key deals that have been very lucrative."

Stuart Maister

MD, BroadView

"Alan has worked with my company BroadView for over two years. He is a man of great integrity, highly organised and effective. He takes an objective view and gives us an important perspective. He has a practical outlook, understanding the dynamics of day-to-day business as can only someone who has run his own outfit. His focus is on better performance and good decision making, often bringing to BroadView new ideas based on his experience with other companies." 

Jake Ward

Director, BroadView

"Alan has helped us to work together better as a team, dispassionately analysing the way we work and how the company as a whole projects itself. He also improved our business processes through streamlining how we do things, and enhancing our thinking on sales. He has given us a strong structural base to push the business forward, and help design and build the tools that enable us to assess how much progress we’re making."

Julian Treasure

CEO, The Sound Agency

"Alan has been a brilliant resource for us. The Shirlaws methodology is stunning, and he is a master at deploying it precisely and effectively to improve every aspect of business. It's rare for a coach to produce in me a real paradigm shift, but Alan has done that - and I feel at least 50% more effective as a result. Highly recommended to SMEs and corporates alike."

Alexandra Davids

CEO, Inside 80

"Alan coached me in my capacity as CEO at Inside 80. He offers great insight into new ways of approaching business development and his own successful career experience speaks for itself. Alan is personable and incredibly easy to work with. He has helped our business grow and allowed me to develop my own skills in this role. I can recommend Alan without hesitation."

Guy Cuthbert

CEO & CTO, Atheon Analytics

"Alan started with a brief to help us improve sales and marketing. In his polite positive style, he showed us that we needed to define our product and proposition before we could expect anyone to buy it! He helped us grow a new revenue steam by 600%, and has helped me tease out a range of issues and turn them into opportunities. He is a first class business coach/advisor/consultant (all three are different, and he steps between them with ease), as well as a genuinely great guy and an invaluable sounding board."

Simon Goldhill

Founder, Metamorph Law

"I've worked with Alan on various occasions over the years and he has constantly impressed with his ability to get straight to the heart of any issue and the clarity of thought and communication he brings to bear. I've recently had the benefit of his coaching and have no hesitation in recommending him. He's also one of the most genuine people I know!"

Andy Gaught

Co-Founder, Rooms Group

"Alan and I have worked together for two years, formulating a strategy and providing guidance for my new property business. Alan is an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced consultant, personable, accessible, with the right mixture of teaching and coaching. He has provided a significant amount of value and I look forward to our ongoing relationship as my business grows. I highly recommend Alan's services."

Emma Killilea

Founder, Delicious Alchemy

"Alan is a great business coach. He's very perceptive, with excellent timing during the tussle of boardroom discussions. He's helped me change the business from a high growth organisation heaving on its keel into a more relaxed, happy place, in which I'm doing far less with no loss of growth or standards."

Gwyn Morfey

MD, New Bamboo

"Alan can switch instantly from patient, methodical teacher to decisive, insightful consultant. In either role, he's steady, considerate, warm and absolutely trustworthy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a coach and mentor."

James West

Relationship Director, Magus Wealth

"Alan has been instrumental in enabling me to grow my business. My clients are typically successful business owners who are working towards exiting their business. Alan knows when to encourage them to push through using their gut instinct and when they need to re-think. Having owned and sold businesses himself, he has been "in their shoes" and has the perfect credentials and experience to help my clients along their journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Alan's services." 

Vanessa Roguska

CEO UK, Typhoon Consulting

"Alan provided valuable insight and a pragmatic approach to help achieve my next career move. His business experience complements his mentoring skills as someone who has been there and done it."

Carrie Bedingfield

Entrepreneur, Investor

"I prize Alan's insight, coaching and consulting very highly; he is one of the first people I seek when I need to make a difficult decision and the stakes are high. He is direct, scrupulous, sees the big picture and all the detail (that I miss) and he helps me find a path through the knottiest of problems. I always feel he is fighting my corner and challenging me hard - as an entrepreneur, that's my top combination! He also meets me (conceptually) at a place that leaves me energised, not overwhelmed."

John Wyer

CEO, Bowles & Wyer

"We've been working with Alan for two years. I have found his approach a great way of nurturing and stretching a business and its leaders. In the time we have been working with Alan, he has helped us transform our business. He is also superbly well-connected and always knows an expert in every field!"

John Morrison

CEO, Morrison Ward

"We worked with Alan for over two years developing strategy papers for three key areas of our business. Alan was a rock of support, offering his expert guidance and assistance throughout each step of the process. Over time, as the papers took shape, Alan helped us knit the whole project together to achieve the most effective outcome for our business."

Vicky Wyer

Director, Bowles & Wyer

"Alan has coached Bowles & Wyer through a potentially tumultuous period in our business development, helping us to build a strong strategy for the future, working with us on purpose and values, vision and direction, functionality and capacity, as well as teaching us many valuable ways of listening, selling, facilitating meetings and managing people. He is supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable, patient, committed and generous with his time and energy. A pleasure to work with. I have learnt a lot from working with Alan."

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