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8 July 2024

Judah Armani

Driving change through design with Judah Armani

Judah ArmaniFounder of InHouse Records
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In our inspiring conversation, Judah:

  • Explains what being an educator means to him.

  • Highlights the abundance of global opportunities in his young and niche field.

  • Talks about the nature of design and its various disciplines; systems are designed too, not just art.

  • Discusses the ways that community and society can improve systems in micro ways.

  • Describes how Inhouse Records works with prisoners and improves their skills.

  • Focuses on the importance of collaborating with people who have different ideas, to create something special.

  • Debates the idea of creating an environment where you can design trust.

  • Talks about his first book, 'Society Driven Design', and his plans for a second.

  • Focuses on how he balances a busy life with finding time for reflection and avoiding distractions.

  • Observes how you can only change the conditions for change, not create the change itself.

  • Shares his plans for the future, and his learnings about how people can incorporate his ideas about the interpretation of design into their lives.

Judah Armani

Founder of InHouse Records


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

2:32 – Judah’s global opportunities as a global educator in a niche field.

6:35 – The nature of various disciplines of design.

9:45 – Improving community and society in ‘micro ways’.

15:12 – Introducing InHouse Records.

19:18 – Stakeholders’ response to InHouse Records.

21:38 – Why it’s a not-for-profit business, as opposed to a charity.

25:00 – The importance of who you collaborate with.

28:15 – Designing trust.

32:55 – The topic of Judah’s first book, ‘Society Driven Design’.

38:53 – Balancing writing with a busy life; time for reflection.

44:11 – Avoiding distractions and time away from devices.

50:20 – Changing the conditions for change.

53:00 – Plans for the future.

54:40 – How people can incorporate Judah’s learnings into their lives.

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