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11 June 2024

Ravinol Chambers

Lights, camera, change the world with Ravinol Chambers

Ravinol ChambersFounder of Be Inspired Films
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In our fascinating interview, Ravinol:

  • Explains what Be Inspired Films is all about and the range of clients they work with.

  • Describes the experience of live streaming TEDxLondon talks.

  • Highlights how Be Inspired’s films are used in various ways for nonprofits and for profit-making businesses.

  • Shares his backstory, expanding on his various career choices and spending his twenties living as a monk.

  • Talks about how he became a filmmaker and how the Be Inspired business structure evolved.

  • Delves into the challenges of building a B Corp company culture, where there are more freelancers involved than employees.

  • Stresses the importance of hiring people with different personality types, and effective recruitment methods.

  • Ruminates on the ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma of not being sure when it’s the right time to grow your team.

  • Discusses the ways an entrepreneur can react to uncontrollable situations.

Ravinol Chambers

Founder of Be Inspired Films


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

2:07 – What Be Inspired Films is all about.

5:35 – How Be Inspired helps nonprofits and for-profit businesses.

8:00 – Delving into Ravinol’s back story.

14:00 – Transitioning into becoming a filmmaker.

18:12 – The logistics of evolving your business structure.

21:25 – Live streaming TEDxLondon talks.

28:07 – The challenges of building a B Corp company culture with freelancers.

36:40 – Dilemmas of delegating and knowing when to expand.

40:35 – Reacting to uncontrollable situations.

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