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The Quadruple Bottom Line: How to Increase Your Multiple

I was invited to give a keynote talk at LOGIN 2024, in Vilnius, Lithuania. To be honest, I’d never heard of it, but it’s the largest, richest in content, and probably the boldest innovation gathering in the Baltics. It’s been going for 18 years. It’s a festival that brings together over 5,000 entrepreneurs, game changers, forward thinkers, tech-savvy innovators, and people thirsty for knowledge. I was blown away by the fascinating group of people I was honoured to meet there and get to know.

In the organisers’ words, “We seek to catch up with the modern world, to dig deeper into the changes and obstacles the progress of technology brings, to get inspired (or frightened) by the innovation pioneers and their mind-bending insights of today’s world, and to have a glance at what awaits in the future.”

My talk was entitled, ‘The Quadruple Bottom Line: How to increase your Multiple’. It focuses on why companies that put People, Planet and Purpose as well as Profit at the heart of their business significantly outperform businesses that don’t. It was rewarding to see how much this message resonated with the audience.

As an aside, my maternal grandfather was born in Vilnius, so it holds a special place in my heart. It was the first time I visited this beautiful country, so the invitation to speak was especially serendipitous.

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