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30 December 2020

Bob Bannister

Training in a different way, with Bob Bannister

Bob BannisterFounder, iManage Performance
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We discussed various topics, including:

  • How to successfully manage remote teams.

  • The creation of high functioning teams and how to get people working well together.

  • The importance of trust within remote teams.

  • How to encourage professional intimacy.

  • The impact of flexibility at work on lifestyle.

  • The silver linings that can come out of difficult times.

Bob Bannister

Founder, iManage Performance


1:38 - How iManage Performance works with organisations to change people for good.

5:42 - Creating high functioning teams, and remote working capabilities.

10:46 - Teams that reflect and share, and how they need to explore their ‘function and form’.

14:24 - Encouraging long-term relationships with clients to maintain momentum.

17:30 - Conducting research into remote working.

20:54 - Potential hazards of remote working.

23:12 - A new purpose for in person meetings.

25:23 - The catalyst for starting a training management company.

32:18 - Start-up goals, and keeping motivated and focused on targets.

35:18 - The benefits of flexibility for a business owner.

38:26 - Gratification from running a business that creates positive change.

41:15 - Tough times and silver linings.

44:12 - Hopes for the business’s future.

46:45 - Advice for new entrepreneurs.

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