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12 September 2023

Eccie Newton

Spotting and filling a gap, with Eccie Newton

Eccie NewtonCo-Founder at Karma Kitchen
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In our illuminating conversation, Eccie:

  • Describes the concept of ‘dark kitchens’, converting unused light industrial real estate into kitchen spaces used by food delivery and other food industry businesses.

  • Talks through Karma Kitchen’s current locations, different sizes of kitchen space available, and their plans for expansion.

  • Explains Karma Kitchen’s business model and how it all began.

  • Shares the different stages of funding that allowed the business to grow from one site to multiple sites.

  • Highlights the perils of diluting equity and espouses the virtues of Seed Legals, whose founder has single-handedly changed the face of legal work for early stage start-ups.

  • Compares the very different experiences of running their first and second businesses.

  • Discusses their future aspirations for both Karma Cans and for Karma Kitchens.

  • Reflects on how her working relationship with her sister, who is also her business partner, has evolved and strengthened.

  • Focuses on the lessons she’s learned in business so far.

Eccie Newton

Co-Founder at Karma Kitchen


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

1:48 – Overview of the business.

3:00 – Current locations and plans for expansion.

6:20 – Style and size of kitchen spaces.

10:40 – Karma Kitchen's business model.

14:30 – How the business began.

20:13 – Different stages of funding.

26:45 – Criteria for choosing new sites.

28:10 – Perils of diluting equity.

29:18 - Virtues of Seed Legals.

30:50 – Key differences in running both businesses.

36:50 – Aspirations for the future.

42:48 – Working with your sister as your business partner.

48:35 – Business lessons learned.

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