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12 March 2024

Hannah Nunn

From beans to dreams, with Hannah Nunn

Hannah NunnFounder of Kickstart Coffee
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In our inspirational conversation, Hannah:

  • Explains what Kickstart Coffee is all about and how it works.

  • Details their customer base.

  • Delves into the sourcing and roasting process.

  • Describes the varieties of coffee beans they use.

  • Expands on the numbers side of the business.

  • Discusses how the business came about and how it grew.

  • Looks to plans for future expansion.

  • Highlights the importance of self-sufficiency in the local Ugandan community.

  • Pinpoints areas that she needs assistance in, including logistics, marketing, strategy and website design.

  • Talks about how the 'quadruple bottom line': Purpose, Profit, People, Planet applies to Kickstart Coffee.

  • Shares her learnings, including ‘just do it’.

Hannah Nunn

Founder of Kickstart Coffee


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

2:05 – What Kickstart Coffee is all about.

6:15 – The sourcing and roasting process.

7:50 – Choosing the varieties of coffee beans.

9:45 – Being a non-profit business model.

11:15 – Delving into the numbers.

15:00 – Getting the business up and running.

19:05 – Increasing sales through word of mouth.

23:00 – Future plans.

29:25 – Help that Kickstart Coffee needs.

35:00 – Learning on the journey.

37:30 – Navigating cash flow issues.

39:05 – Funding opportunities.

46:05 – How the 'quadruple bottom line' : Purpose, Profit, People, Planet, applies to Kickstart Coffee.

46:55 – Looking for assistance in marketing, strategy and website design.

49:30 – Sharing business learnings.

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