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30 December 2020

Julian Treasure

Exploring the power of sound, with Julian Treasure

Julian TreasureFounder of the Sound Agency
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In addition, we discussed subjects including:

  • What is ‘the business of sound’ and how it can benefit businesses.

  • The importance of having a very clear purpose.

  • The challenges of offering a product or service that people don’t know they need.

  • How to build a successful business with a virtual team.

  • The difference between having faith in one’s business & knowing it’ll succeed.

  • Julian’s most important learnings from his long experience as an entrepreneur.

Julian Treasure

Founder of the Sound Agency


1:00 - Why sound in branding is key.

2:25 - The negatives of background music in commercial and public spaces.

6:05 - Positive experiences made possible by ‘soundscapes’.

9:35 - Conflicting reactions of people’s responses to sounds.

11:50 - Methods used by The Sound Agency to express a brand.

14:44 - Experiences with TED talks.

18:39 - Early business experiences.

21:35 - The origins of The Sound Agency.

29:35 - The challenges of selling a product that people don't realise they need.

32:26 - Sharing learnings.

35:50 - Tips for remote working.

44:58 - The invention of a new nature-based sound product for workspaces.

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