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12 December 2020

Juliet Barratt

Building a strong brand identity, with Juliet Barratt

Juliet BarrattCo-founder and CMO of Grenade
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In this fascinating interview, we discussed:

  • Juliet’s recipe for success.

  • The importance of branding.

  • The key role of distribution channels.

  • The positive and negative effects of investors on your business.

  • The key to surrounding yourself with the right people.

  • Understanding the language of different markets and how to make them work for you.

  • How to nurture the culture of your business and keeping it the way that you want.

  • What business mentors could do for you and your business.

Juliet Barratt

Co-founder and CMO of Grenade


2:08 - What Grenade is all about.

3:37 - How the market’s changed.

4:41 - Career path and inspirations for becoming an entrepreneur.

5:25 - The early years and a big advertising push.

7:15 - Self-funding.

8:05 - Belief, understanding and reputation.

9:29 - The importance of a good partnership and defined roles.

14:04 - The power of marketing and strong, original branding.

19:02 - The difficulties of being emotionally invested as an entrepreneur.

21:22 - Bringing in investors.

23:30 - Organic growth.

24:05 - Global challenges and differences.

27:58 - Future plans; offering branding guidance to start-ups.

29:17 - Sharing mistakes and learnings.

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