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30 December 2020

John Wyer

John Wyer interview

John WyerCo-founder and CEO of Bowles & Wyer
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John Wyer
John Wyer
John Wyer


We discussed the growth and the success of his company, Bowles and Wyer, including topics such as:

  • Why trust is important for your business and brand

  • The benefits of understanding the difference between B2B and B2C

  • The importance of customer satisfaction for business valuation

  • The value of having a business partner

  • Effects of internal and external factors on business performance

  • John’s advice to people who want to start their own business

John Wyer

Co-founder and CEO of Bowles & Wyer

John Wyer


1:38 | John introduces himself as the CEO of the landscaping company Bowles & Wyer, and details the history of the company. 

2:08 | John explains the various services that Bowles and Wyer provide, and talks about where the company is based, and where it operates. 

3:45 | John details the range of clients to whom the company provides its services, and discusses the positive effects that landscaping can bring to a client. 

6:05 | John expands on the different types of landscaping services provided by Bowles & Wyer. 

9:50 | John touches on the creative process. 

10:15 | John explains the structure of the company. 

11:45 | John describes the difference between corporate and private clients and how to accommodate for both. 

15:09 | John talks about how Bowles and Wyer acquires new clients. 

16:14 | John gives an insight into how decisions are made within the business. 

18:04 | John discusses the company's purpose and core values, and reveals the reasons behind them. 

21:17 | What sets Bowles & Wyer apart? John highlights the importance of responding to customers' expectations and values. 

22:50 | John explains why he started the business, touching upon his fascination with horticulture. 

26:22 | John's hopes and dreams when he started the company, and how it evolved in a partnership. 

27:56 | Are having inspirations and influences an important factor in starting and developing a business? 

29:12 | John considers the element of risk-taking when starting up a company. 

31:49 | John recalls the struggles and difficulties he faced on setting up the business. 

34:14 | John talks about the "close shaves" in the early years, and how they coped with them. 

35:28 | Alan and John discuss the strengths inherent in a partnership. 

37:11 | John recalls the development of the business in its subsequent years, detailing its expansion from a design-focused company, to one also involved in construction. 

39:15 | John shares some of the things he learned while developing the business. 

40:33 | John reveals how external instances can cause a business to falter, and gives his suggestions on how to overcome such issues. Alan and John go on to discuss the importance of resilience. 

45:02 | John explains the difference in goals and views within the partnership, how they were resolved, and the effects that followed. 

49:37 | John talks about the recent process of developing and growing the positioning and re-branding of the business.

53:40 | John describes the future of the business, including their new project: developing an Academy. 

59:21 | John considers the dichotomy of business growth and service quality, expanding on the question “how big is too big?” 

1:01:48 | John talks about the company’s response to the Climate Crisis.

1:03:20 | John gives a piece of advice to new entrepreneurs. 

1:05:33 | John describes the impact that owning a business has had on his lifestyle, and how being foolish can be a positive.

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