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30 December 2020

John Wyer

Delivering garden dreams, with John Wyer

John WyerCo-founder and CEO of Bowles & Wyer
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We discussed the growth and the success of his company, Bowles and Wyer, including topics such as:

  • Why trust is important for your business and brand

  • The benefits of understanding the difference between B2B and B2C

  • The importance of customer satisfaction for business valuation

  • The value of having a business partner

  • Effects of internal and external factors on business performance

  • John’s advice to people who want to start their own business

John Wyer

Co-founder and CEO of Bowles & Wyer


2:08 - The various services that Bowles and Wyer provide.

3:45 - The positive effects that landscaping can bring to people.

6:05 - Creativity.

11:45 - Accommodating both corporate and private clients.

15:09 - Client acquisition.

18:04 - The reasons behind the purpose and core values.

21:17 - USPs and responding to customers' expectations and values.

22:50 - How Bowles and Wyer came to be, and initial hopes and dreams.

27:56 - Inspirations and influences as start-up factors.

29:12 - Risk taking when starting up.

34:14 - Coping with ‘close shaves’.

35:28 - The strengths inherent in a partnership.

37:11 - Expanding from being design-focused to also being involved in construction.

39:15 - Sharing learnings and overcoming external factors.

45:02 - Navigating different goals and views within a partnership.

49:37 - Repositioning and rebranding.

53:40 - The future of the business, including developing an Academy.

59:21 - The dichotomy of business growth and service quality.

1:01:48 - Climate crisis.

1:03:20 - Advice to new entrepreneurs.

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