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25 July 2022

Nick Russill 1

Exploring geophysical mapping, with Nick Russill

Nick Russill 1Co-founder of TerraDat (and Snow-Forecast)
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In this fascinating interview you will hear:

  • How to continue to grow your business by innovating and staying agile.

  • Why it’s important to sometimes say ‘No’ to new business.

  • The value of honesty, when it comes to ensuring repeat business.

  • How to work in harmony with your partner, by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

  • The benefits of sticking to what you're good at in business.

Nick Russill

Co-founder of TerraDat (and Snow-Forecast)


1:42 - The journey to founding TerraDat.

7:17 - Finding new clients and maintaining a high repeat business rate.

9:08 - Successful geo-mapping.

13:17 - How TerraDat manages risk and liability.

14:42 - Driving ambition.

18:30 - Developing partnership roles.

19:52 - The first ‘win’.

21:26 - Developing innovative technology.

24:17 - The overlap between work and leisure time.

26:26 - Taking financial risks.

27:38 - Maintaining your ethos alongside business growth.

29:09 - Business agility facilitating growth.

33:54 - Mistakes made and lessons learned.

37:16 - Hopes and aspirations.

42:24 - Letting go of direct leadership.

52:24 - How business owners’ mental wellbeing affects the performance of the business.

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