What is Business Advice & Consultancy?

Providing answers and solutions to a business’s issues and / or challenge(s). The business subcontracts the issues and / or challenges to the Business Advisor / Consultant. Business Consultants offer advice and expertise to organisations to help them improve their business performance in areas such as operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. 

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What is Alan's approach to Business Advice & Consultancy? He:

provides professional or expert advice in areas in which he is able and experienced, such as (inter-alia):


  • Business planning.

  • Leadership.

  • Culture. See these case studies: Case Study 1. Case Study 2.

  • Product / market fit.

  • Positioning.

  • Channels to Market.

  • Marketing.

  • Sales.

  • Efficiency.

  • Functionality.

  • Exit.

  • Succession.

  • Mergers and acquisitions.

  • Vision.

  • Purpose.

  • Values.

  • Goals.

  • Innovation.

  • Fund raising.

  • Infrastructure.

Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure

Founder, The Sound Agency

"Alan is a brilliant business consultant. It's rare for someone to produce a real paradigm shift, but Alan has done that - and I'm at least 50% more effective as a result. Highly recommended business consultancy for SMEs and corporates alike."



A leading video production company with household name clients had become “stuck in a wall”.

Turnover and profits had remained the same for a number of years. I carried out a RealityCheck® and helped the CEO develop a strategy to drive the business “through the wall”.

The company went on to grow substantially over many years.

darrel sheinman. Client of Alan Wick Business Coach. Testimonial

Darrel Sheinman

Founder/Producer, Gearbox Records

"Alan has delivered what we set out do by being analytical, while having a holistic and distinct approach. He's developed projections and he's guided me on where we should go for funding and how we should approach that. Alan is very good! He's a solid chap, funny and listens."


First Round Funding

An early-stage SaaS (Software as a Service) business was ready for first round funding. I supported the business by advising on the creation of its first Investment Memorandum, including clarifying its proposition and explaining what was required from potential investors’ points of view. This resulted in a crowdfunding round which beat its targets. The company is continuing to grow significantly, disrupting the sector in which it operates.