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Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a professional service that helps business owners, managers, and executives improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Business coaching has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more entrepreneurs and executives recognise the value of having an experienced and objective coach to help them achieve their goals. The benefits of business coaching are numerous, and include improved performance, increased productivity, better time management, enhanced communication skills, and increased confidence and motivation.


There are many different types of business coaches, each with their own areas of expertise and approaches to coaching. It's important for you as a business owner or executive to find a coach who has experience and expertise in the areas that are most relevant to your business.


I am a Business Coach who works with clients both on a one-on-one basis or in groups; providing guidance, feedback, support, and accountability to help you reach your full potential. I help entrepreneurs and executives identify their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and create action plans to achieve them.

Diagram showing where Coaching sits within the framework of Business Consulting and Therapy by Alan Wick
Coaching Interventions Diagram showing where Business Coaching sits within business content intervention. By Alan Wick

What can a Business Coach help with?

Business coaches can help with a wide range of issues, including:


  • Leadership development: helping clients develop the skills and knowledge needed to be effective leaders. This may include building a strong team, communicating effectively, and making difficult decisions.

  • Time management: helping clients develop strategies for managing their time more effectively. This may include setting priorities, delegating tasks, and learning to say "no" to non-essential activities.

  • Goal setting: helping clients set clear, measurable goals and develop action plans for achieving them.

  • Problem-solving: business coaches can help clients develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to identify and overcome obstacles to success.

  • Communication: business coaches can help clients improve their communication skills, including effective listening, giving feedback, and presenting ideas persuasively.

  • Financial management: providing guidance on financial management, including budgeting, forecasting, and analysing financial statements.

  • Marketing: helping clients develop and implement effective marketing strategies to increase revenue and grow their customer base.


How does Business Coaching work?

Business coaches typically meet with their clients regularly. This allows coaches to build a close working relationship with their clients, and to provide tailored guidance and support that is specifically designed to meet their unique needs and goals.


The coaching process typically begins with an initial consultation, during which the coach meets with the client to understand their needs and goals. This is followed by a period of assessment, during which the coach may conduct interviews, collect data, and analyse the client's performance. Based on this assessment, the coach will develop a customised coaching plan for the client.


Throughout the coaching process, the coach will work closely with the client to help them set clear, measurable goals and develop action plans for achieving them. The coach will also provide ongoing support and guidance to help the client stay on track and make progress towards their goals.

What are the key benefits of Business Coaching?

One of the key benefits of business coaching is that it provides clients with a sounding board and an objective perspective. Business coaches can help clients to identify and overcome obstacles to success, and to see their business and themselves more objectively. Coaches can also provide guidance on how to tackle difficult challenges and help clients to stay focused and motivated.


Another benefit of business coaching is that it helps clients to develop new skills and knowledge. Business coaches can provide clients with the tools and resources they need to become more effective leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. Coaching can also help clients to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in their industry, and to stay competitive in the marketplace.


Business coaching can also help clients achieve a better work-life balance. Many business leaders and entrepreneurs find it difficult to disconnect from their work and take time for themselves, leading to burnout and stress. Business coaches can help clients prioritise their time and energy, and to find ways of achieving a better balance between work and personal life.


In summary, business coaching is a professional service that can help business owners, managers, and executives to improve their performance, achieve their goals and overcome challenges. By providing expert guidance, support, and accountability, business coaches can help clients reach their full potential and become more effective leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Guy Cuthbert.jpeg

Guy Cuthbert, CEO & CTO, Atheon Analytics

"I was faced with a range of issues in my business when I was recommended to Alan. He helped me analyse them and turn them into opportunities. In addition,  Alan helped us grow a new revenue stream by 600%. He is a first-class business coach and a genuinely great guy and an invaluable sounding board."

Client Story

Sailing into the Sunset

A successful business couple had built up and run a profitable and healthy engineering services company. After 25 years they wanted to sell but didn't know how to ensure they would get enough income to live off for the rest of their lives, if they chose. After in-depth conversations with them, and a full appraisal of their business using RealityCheck®, established that there would indeed be a shortfall. I worked with them for two years, adding value across the board, including finding a hidden asset in the business in the shape of software they'd created which was valued at over £1m alone. Having introduced the couple to various corporate finance houses, they sold their business for an eight figure sum, leaving a strong business with a motivated senior management team deftly holding the reins.

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