Entrepreneur/Founder Mentoring

What is Entrepreneur / Founder Mentoring?

A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person. These diagrammes summarise this approach.

coaches mentors graphic by Alan Wick
Mentor Consultant Coach Graphic by Alan Wick
Counselling and Coaching Graphic by Alan Wick

My own approach to Entrepreneur / Founder Mentoring is to:

  • offer support.

  • give advice.

  • influence.

  • share my knowledge and experience.

  • offer guidance.

  • be direct, when appropriate.

  • teach frameworks and tips.

  • act as a sounding board.

  • listen objectively.

carrie-bedingfield. Client of Alan Wick Business Coach

Carrie Bedingfield

Entrepreneur and Investor

"I work with Alan when I’m faced with difficult decisions and the stakes are high. I prize his insight, coaching and mentoring very highly; he is direct, scrupulous, sees the big picture and all the detail. Alan fights my corner and challenges me hard to think differently — as an entrepreneur, that's my top combination! He also meets me (conceptually) at a place that leaves me energised, not overwhelmed."

Client Story

Getting to the next stage

The CEO of a leading professional services company needed support to get to the next stage. I coached and advised the CEO to create a new strategy, and a revised organisation structure to support the strategy. The company went on to double its turnover and profits over the subsequent period.