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Love Business: Go for Growth

Webinar: Love Business. Go for Growth. We had a wonderful audience of people who love their business, and who are considering going for growth.

Good business is caring about and paying attention to every aspect of it, including all of its stakeholders.

During the session, using real life examples, we discussed:

  • Growth: what does it mean to you?

  • Goals: are you creating a lifestyle business, or one that could be sold?

  • Innovation: why this is crucial for growth to be successful and how to approach it.

  • Positioning: what do you want your brand to be known for? Why?

  • Money: what are your beliefs and attitudes towards money? How do you raise it, manage it, forecast it?

  • People: who do you need? When do you need them? How do you tell who’s right for your business?

  • Day to day: what will you do differently day to day? What resources will you need? When?

  • There was also an interesting Q&A section after the presentation.

I'm pleased to share the recording of the webinar, the slides, and details of the attendees' responses to various questions I posed — see below.

* if the buttons above do nothing, it means that no slides or engagement statistics are available for this particular event.

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