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Love Business: The Business of Business™

Love Business: The Business of Business™ Accelerator Programme. I was really pleased to be able to share details about my Learning & Development Programme designed for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

We had a really interesting audience of entrepreneurs who were hungry to learn more. There was a fascinating Q&A at the end, with some great questions.

The Programme is based around my tried and tested Four Pillars of Business™ system, which consists of:

  • The Future - Goals, Innovation, Positioning & Channels.

  • Money - The Meaning of Money, Financial Management, Sources of Funding.

  • People - Business DNA (Purpose & Values), Love in Business, Practicalities of Leading People.

  • Day-to-Day - Marketing & Selling, The 'Engine Room', Infrastructure (the 'back office').

If you would like to find out more about the Programme, click here. See below for the recording of the webinar, the slides, and details of the attendees' responses to various questions I posed.

* if the buttons above do nothing, it means that no slides or engagement statistics are available for this particular event.

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