Peter Backman

Entrepreneur and Eating Out Market Expert

Peter Backman is a leading expert on the structure and dynamics of the foodservice sector, and its supply chain, in the UK and across Europe. He has been involved, as a researcher and consultant within the sector, for over 30 years blending his knowledge with a deep understanding of the trends, key players and challenges of organisations with an interest in food service. He regularly speaks at conferences worldwide and his views are sought by television, radio, the Bank of England and the press. Peter has many innovations to his credit having been the first person to define the structure of the eating out market in the terms which are now widely used by the industry, as well as the most extensive database model of the foodservice sector.

Peter Backman
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4:35 | Peter introduces himself and his company. He explains the purpose of his business and summarises the eating out market.

5:53 | Peter gives an example of a company that has he worked with, and how his business has aided them.

8:00 | Peter describes how he uses both data and experience to provide a service.

9:23 | Peter describes his career path.

11:02 | Peter describes the transition from working in a laboratory to becoming an entrepreneur.

15:08 | Peter recounts how financial issues caused tension within the partnership he created, and the circumstances that led him to sell the business.

20:10 | Peter goes on to describe the tensions and difficulties working for the buyer of his business and the lessons he learnt from this.

21:52 | Peter explains the events that happened after he bought back his business.  

22:49 | Alan asks Peter whether he had any goals during this time. Peter answers, explaining why not having goals was one of his biggest mistakes.

23:36 | Peter describes how his job impacts his life, and how he manages his personal and working life.

24:54 | Peter explains what, in his job, gives him the greatest satisfaction.

26:30 | Peter reveals the learnings that he wishes to pass on. He touches on the importance of sticking with ideas and the positives of working with other people.

28:31 | Peter explains how he doesn’t enjoy managing people. He goes on to describe the changes he has made so that he can focus on the areas of running a business that he enjoys, and the projects he wishes to invest more time into.

33:10 | Peter describes the impact that home delivery has had on the restaurant business and raises the question of how the restaurant industry will be funded in the future. Peter describes a project he has launched to help restaurateurs and investors understand issues in the industry.

39:17 | Peter explains the philosophy behind his book Restaurants Also Serve food, highlighting the difference between a retailer and a restaurant.

41:10 | Alan asks Peter about future opportunities. Peter outlines a few projects on the horizon and areas of interest he wishes to pursue.

43:40 | Peter offers some advice for someone hoping to start up a business.