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25 July 2022

Alan Stevens

Reading people, with Alan Stevens

Alan StevensInternational Profiling and Communications Specialist
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In this eye-opening interview, Alan:

  • Explains how, by reading and responding to people’s personalities and micro-expressions, we can all build better relationships.

  • Reveals why he finds working with families most rewarding.

  • Shares examples of companies he’s worked with, helping them to improve relationships with clients and their own teams.

  • Expands on micro-expressions, describing what they are, how we can detect them, and the benefits we can gain from reading them, as well as listing some online resources where listeners can learn how to pick up on micro-expressions.

  • Describes how open questions trigger body expressions that indicate that someone may be lying, adding a few tips on how to be a good poker player!

  • Recalls experiences in his past that led him to be interested in body language.

  • Shares his hopes and ambitions for the future, for his company and for helping others.

Alan Stevens

International Profiling and Communications Specialist


1:38 - Building better relationships by reading micro-expressions.

5:00 - Working with families to help build healthy relationships.

8:50 - Detecting and benefiting from reading micro-expressions.

17:12 - Online resources.

21:19 - Indicators that someone is lying.

27:05 - Tips on how to be a good poker player.

29:22 - Past experiences leading to an interest in body language.

33:19 - Explaining the business model and services.

35:44 - The importance of healthy relationships.

38:05 - Intention to train up others in these skills.

43:40 - Micro-expressions to help build trust with new acquaintances.

48:52 - Imposter syndrome.

56:23 - Online videos impacting ability to read micro-expressions.

1:00:19 - Hopes and aspirations.

1:03:59 - The importance of accessible language.

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