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25 July 2022

Alexlouise Thomas

Achieving financial freedom, with Alexlouise Thomas

Alexlouise ThomasMoney success coach and author
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In this fascinating interview, Alexlouise:

  • Explains the purpose of her company, how she aids other businesses financially, and how she helps clients to recognise their goals.

  • Expands on what the term 'joint venture' means with regards to the property market, and how it works to pool resources and get people on the property ladder.

  • Shares a success story of one of her clients and the five-year process behind it.

  • Recalls the factors and experiences that led her to start her company and then shift its business model.

  • Talks about learning from mistakes and dealing with bumps in the road.

  • Describes her goals of building a community, and to start farming within the next five year, as well as the positive and negative effects of giving yourself a timeline for goals.

  • Delves into her learnings along the way, including the importance of patience, the huge value of having a business coach, and asking questions without the fear of looking stupid.

  • Gives advice for people starting up a business, emphasising that it is very important to give success time to grow.

Alexlouise Thomas

Money success coach and author


2:26 - Having the purpose of aiding businesses financially and helping clients to recognise their goals.

6:19 - The meaning of ‘joint venture' with regard to getting people on the property ladder.

12:05 - Navigating legal elements of third party joint ventures.

15:46 - The long game; a 5-year client success story.

20:25 - How the business started.

26:22 - A valuable mistake.

32:41 - Realising the company was a success.

38:18 - Goals, and the positives and negatives of setting deadlines.

46:18 - Business training and coaching.

47:30 - Sharing learnings.

52:11 - Advice for start-ups.

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