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30 December 2020

Alfie Best

Succeeding in leisure, with Alfie Best

Alfie BestFounder and Chairman of Wyldecrest Parks
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Alfie shared the extraordinary story of how he started, as well as talking about:

  • The importance of reinvesting in the business.

  • Effective leadership as a key to organisational success.

  • Why organisations should encourage employees to recognise mistakes and learn from them.

  • His ‘’always say yes’’ policy and why the customer is always king.

  • Alfie’s secrets of his success.

Alfie Best

Founder and Chairman of Wyldecrest Parks

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1:40 - Insight into Wyldecrest Parks’ success.

3:22 - Challenges of managing acquired existing parks.

7:23 - Issues around international expansion.

9:09 - Differences between the UK and overseas business models.

12:15 - Team culture.

14:28 - When and why Wyldecrest Parks started.

21:10 - Funding and growth.

30:18 - The right time to expand.

35:27 - The ‘always say yes’ policy.

37:57 - Having clear goals.

45:00 - Making sure that your team all ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’.

50:06 - Plans to float the company.

50:37 - Rules to live by.

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