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25 July 2022

David Hieatt 2

Developing a successful events brand, with David Hieatt

David Hieatt 2Co-founder of The Do Lectures (and Hiut Denim)
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In this fascinating interview, David explains:

  • How The Do Lectures changed attendees’ lives.

  • How you can be influential and small.

  • The benefits of community.

  • Playing the long game (ideas need patience).

  • How, sometimes, passion and belief are more important than data.

  • The value of cultivation and purpose in a business.

David Hieatt

Co-founder of The Do Lectures (and Hiut Denim)


0:39 - Themes of the ‘Do Lectures’.

2:30 - Intimacy, environment and location.

9:19 - Choosing speakers.

11:05 - Purpose.

15:15 - The importance of community to early success.

17:08 - Growth through logistical and financial difficulties.

23:15 - Offshoots.

27:14 - Attributing success to community, over sponsorships and advertising.

30:55 - What could have been done differently.

33:56 - Hopes for the Do Lectures.

37:50 - The importance of shared values.

40:30 - A self-managed business community.

43:57 - Sharing learnings.

47:27 - Cultivating a positive culture in a business.

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