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13 February 2024

David Schluter

Why Fluid is flourishing, with David Schluter

David SchluterFounder of Fluid IT
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In our inspiring conversation, David:

  • Explains what Fluid IT does, expanding on its purpose and business model.

  • Champions the value of introducing an advisory board.

  • Highlights his excitement in exploring employee ownership, and the potential for social mobility that it offers.

  • Describes the company’s revenue streams.

  • Talks about his history in business and the path he’s taken.

  • Pinpoints significant moments of success in Fluid IT’s journey, including being a founder B Corp.

  • Explores the benefits of the RASCI process (Responsible, Accountable, Supported, Consulted, Informed.)

  • Weighs up the balance between a focus on values and culture alongside the commercial side of the business.

  • Looks to the future and what he’d love to see the business achieve.

  • Stresses how important it is for him to be sure that his employees are happy at Fluid IT.

  • Focuses on being disciplined about work life balance, maintaining a healthy relationship with family whilst running a business.

  • Reveals some of his key learnings, including preventing burnout.

David Schluter

Founder of Fluid IT


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

2:45 – Fluid IT’s services, and training people with challenging backgrounds through to employment.

3:55 – Business model and turnover, and being B Corp.

6:20 – The benefits of an advisory board.

11:35 – Shareholder value and exploring employee ownership.

14:50 – David’s history in business and the path he’s taken.

23:00 – Significant moments of success.

27:10 – The benefits of the RACI process (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed.)

30:20 – The balance between values and culture and the commercial side.

36:00 – Looking to the future.

39:15 – Work life balance discipline.

45:00 – Key learnings, including preventing burnout.

50:32 – Sharing learnings.

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