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18 July 2023

Gaz Booth and Tom Walker

Gaz Booth and Tom Walker, of Holy Moly Dips

Gaz Booth and Tom WalkerFounders at Holy Moly Dips
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Gaz Booth and Tom Walker
Gaz Booth and Tom Walker
Gaz Booth and Tom Walker


In our entertaining and inspirational conversation, Tom and Gaz:

  • Give an overview of the Holy Moly Dips brand and explain what sets their products apart.

  • Share their pride in putting large quantities of good quality, healthy food on our supermarket shelves.

  • Talk about knowing each other since school, and what sparked this business venture.

  • Reminisce on their first experience of pitching to Waitrose and how they fulfilled their first big order.

  • Explain the complexities and challenges they faced launching their brand.

  • Describe their approach to negotiating deals with large supermarket chains.

  • Elaborate on their brand strategy, focusing on the overall brand rather than individual products.

  • Highlight the importance of their journey to B-Corp certification, and their charity partnership that helps to feed the homeless in London.

  • Bring to life their brand’s company culture and the trust they empower their team with.

  • Discuss their plans for the brand over the next few years both in the UK and internationally.

  • Share their learnings, the importance of resilience and remembering to enjoy the moment.

Tom Walker

Founders at Holy Moly Dips

Gaz Booth and Tom Walker


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth

1:49 – An overview of the Holy Moly Dips brand

3:00 – What sets their product apart

8:45 – The pride of putting good quality, healthy food on the shelves

9:50 – Explaining ‘HPP', which stands for 'High Pressure Processing' and its impact on price

14:26 – The origins of Holy Moly Dips

20:16 – How Gaz and Tom got their product on Waitrose’s shelves so early

26:10 – Why going high volume had to be their first priority

27:54 – Diving into the challenges of setting up the brand

33:34 – The pressures involved in fulfilling the first order

36:30 – Resilience and belief, and taking the business to the next level

40:30 – Protecting your brand

41:45 – Negotiating with large supermarket chains

45:50 – Why starting with a small supermarket deal is a sound approach

47:35 – The thinking behind their brand strategy

51:10 – Holy Moly’s B-Corp certification and doing the right thing in the community

56:25 – Exploring their company culture

59:20 – Where they’d like the brand to be in a few years' time

1:03:30 – The exciting potential for international expansion

1:04:32 – Resilience through difficult moments and useful learnings

1:05:50 – The benefits of sharing ups and downs in the business community, enjoying the now, and the importance of delegation

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