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25 July 2022

Greg Smith

Greg Smith Interview

Greg SmithFounder and CEO of Send Handwritten
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Greg Smith
Greg Smith
Greg Smith


In this insightful interview, Greg explains:

  • How businesses can stand out in the sea of sameness, especially in this saturated digital age.

  • His assertion that loyalty is based on one thing: being true to your word, and that loyalty loyalty begets loyalty.

  • How caring can be profitable.

  • Why he feels passionate about going ‘counter-culture’; bucking against the digital trend and championing the personal connection.

  • His belief that you should never, ever give up — be adaptable, reiterate, change direction, but never give up.

  • And, finally, how the way he handled the Covid-19 pandemic strengthened his client relationships.

Greg Smith

Founder and CEO of Send Handwritten

Greg Smith


0:00 | Alan introduces the show by talking briefly about his history in business. He continues by describing the format and purpose of the show.

1:17 | Alan invites listeners to get in touch with questions and comments, and gives contact details.

1:38 | Alan welcomes Greg Smith to the show and asks him to introduce himself and his company, Send Handwritten.

3:05 | Greg explains the commercial advantage that marketing alternatives to digital marketing can offer. He emphasises the effectiveness of a clever combination of marketing that includes hand-written letters.

6:22 | Greg outlines the purposes that companies will use the services Send Handwritten offers for, and the impressions that these services can create.

8:06 | Greg gives an insight into the company structure and how a product is produced within this structure.

10:00 | Greg describes the size of the company and the client base of Send Handwritten

12:48 | Greg explains how they source and protect data provided by clients.

13:45 | Greg tells Alan the history of the business and the problems he had with an old CEO. He reflects on the lessons learnt from his disposition as a trusting person.

16:18 | Greg recounts his history and experience in starting up companies.

17:23 | Greg connects his experience and approach from his previous business to his new company. He explains that observing the mistakes that occurred in his previous business after he sold it highlighted the importance of a distinct customer connection and led him to start-up Send Handwritten.

24:52 |Alan asks Greg to expand on the experience of observing his previous company fail after he’d sold it.

27:33 | Greg describes the time-period and development of his transition into starting-up Send Handwritten.

31:00 | Alan and Greg discuss the process of testing customer demand and re-iterating a product in response.

33:03 | Greg gives an insight into the process of iteration with his creative partner. He goes on to reveal some of the mistakes made in the early days of the company and some of the lessons learnt.

37:23 | Greg reflects on the mismatch in values between him and the former CEO of the company.

39:50 | Greg draws on his experience to advise how to test for similar values, noting the importance of use of language.

42:12 | Greg recalls the campaign and conversations that helped him realise the potential of Send Handwritten.

45:48 | Greg reveals the impact that COVID-19 had on the growth of the business and how he chose to respond at the start of the pandemic.

49:22 | Greg expands on his decision to respond to the pandemic by ceasing to operate for the initial 3 months.

50:35 | Alan and Greg discuss the opportunities for innovation that both pandemic, and change of company name and focus, offered.

54:33 |Greg expresses his hopes for the company in the future and for his own career.

56:48 | Greg shares his learnings, including perseverance through goal setting, staying curious, and retaining a sense of humour.

58:40 | Alan thanks Greg for coming on the show and invites him to share the URL for the company’s website.

59:33 | Alan wraps up the interview and reminds listeners how to get in contact with him and where to listen to the interview again

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