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25 July 2022

Greg Smith

Celebrating the personal touch, with Greg Smith

Greg SmithFounder and CEO of Send Handwritten
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In this insightful interview, Greg explains:

  • How businesses can stand out in the sea of sameness, especially in this saturated digital age.

  • His assertion that loyalty is based on one thing: being true to your word, and that loyalty loyalty begets loyalty.

  • How caring can be profitable.

  • Why he feels passionate about going ‘counter-culture’; bucking against the digital trend and championing the personal connection.

  • His belief that you should never, ever give up — be adaptable, reiterate, change direction, but never give up.

  • And, finally, how the way he handled the Covid-19 pandemic strengthened his client relationships.

Greg Smith

Founder and CEO of Send Handwritten


0:00 - The concept of Send Handwritten.

3:05 - Commercial advantages of non-digital marketing.

6:22 - How companies use Send Handwritten, and the impact it has.

13:45 - Company history and reflections on lessons learned.

16:18 - Greg’s experience in starting up companies.

31:00 - Testing customer demand.

37:23 - The importance of shared values with your leadership team.

42:12 - Lightbulb moments, realising the potential of Send Handwritten.

54:33 - Hopes for the company’s future and personal career aspirations..

56:48 - Key learnings and advice for entrepreneurs.

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