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12 August 2023

Gregory French

Combining meaning and style, with Gregory French

Gregory FrenchFounder at Atlas Accessories
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In our enjoyable conversation, Gregory:

  • Explains how Atlas Accessories began, and describes the visual identity of the brand.

  • Explores the organic appearance of the jewellery, going into the detail and the stories behind particular collections.

  • Gives an overview of the brand’s business model, the scale of the operation, and his views on online and high street presence.

  • Highlights the importance of his networking strategy, and his plans to have more of a physical presence in future.

  • Pinpoints the company’s pivotal moments of success.

  • Talks about challenges Atlas has faced on their journey, and how they overcame their adversities.

  • Delves into the separation of an owner's personal needs and the needs of a company, and the importance of getting the right balance between the two.

  • Acknowledges being careful not to get so caught up in the creative rush you neglect more logical business matters, and realising you need to recognise your own weaknesses.

  • Expresses his hopes for the company’s future, including how they can give their customers more opportunities to tell their own story through choosing and combining materials to make unique pieces of jewellery.

  • Shares his many learnings, stressing that the most important by far has been to keep the right balance between head and heart – creative or business.

Gregory French

Founder at Atlas Accessories


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

3:44 – How Atlas Accessories began.

6:46 – The visual identity of the brand

12:30 – The brand's business model.

18:20 – The beginnings of the business.

22:40 – Website presence v. physical stores.

27:27 – Successes and challenges.

34:00 – Balancing a business owner’s personal needs with those of the company’s.

35:50 – Getting caught up in the creative ‘rush’.

38:26 – Recognising your weaknesses.

41:28 – Hopes for the company’s future.

51:40 – Sharing learnings.

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