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25 July 2022

Guy Rigby 2

Achieving your goals, with Guy Rigby

Guy Rigby 2Rowed the Atlantic for The Entrepreneur Ship
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In this ‘behind the challenge’ interview, Guy:

  • Describes his training regime in preparation for the race, how he and his crewmate structured their rowing schedule, food and water logistics, the emergency procedures they had to be aware of and the tech issues they faced.

  • Explains the challenges of adapting to various weather systems and conditions they encountered, and the impact they had on their progress.

  • Reveals how he and his crewmate overcame disagreements, and the difficulties involved in managing a challenging sleep schedule.

  • Gives an impression of the scale of the challenge, some of the reasons why other crews took part in the race, and how Guy and his crewmate gained sponsorship.

  • Talks about the charity, UnLtd, which they are raising money for. It’s not too late to donate!

  • Shares the low point of the race, and the absolute best moment of the experience.

  • Discusses some of the physical problems he’s faced since being back on land, and his ambitions for the future.

Guy Rigby

Rowed the Atlantic for The Entrepreneur Ship


1:33 - Adventures across the Atlantic ocean.

5:03 - Rowing schedules and weather conditions.

7:54 - Overcoming disagreements with your crew mate.

10:38 - The size and layout of the boat.

15:19 - The scale of the challenge.

20:39 - Fundraising for Unlimited.

22:13 - Rowing experience and training regimes.

26:26 - Sea life and logistics.

30:36 - Tackling problems out at sea.
36:20 - The highs and the lows.

42:00 - Ambitions for the future.

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