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25 July 2022

Lulu Skantze

Igniting children’s passion for reading, with Lulu Skantze

Lulu SkantzeEntrepreneur and Editorial Director
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In this insightful interview, Lulu:

  • Outlines how the magazine was born, its content sources, various formats and subscription models.

  • Gives an insight into the differences between the revenue streams, one of these differences being the marketing approaches.

  • Highlights the division between print and digital content, talking about scenarios in which children are more likely to choose one over the other.

  • Explains the structure of the company and why they have a large team of freelance and contracted contributors.

  • Recalls what it felt like when she realised the company was a success.

  • Describes the struggles with being a self-funded company, and how she managed cash flow.

  • Stresses the importance of being agile; for example being flexible with goals and plans, and how letting go of ego is essential in order to make sensible business decisions.

  • Shares her hopes for the future – growing the digital side of the magazine and its licensing partnerships, as well as her wishes to be a leader in inclusivity and a strong presence in education.

  • Reveals some of her learnings; focusing on her values of curiosity and engaging with the world.

Lulu Skantze

Entrepreneur and Editorial Director


1:30 - The scope and reach of ‘Storytime’ magazine.

4:09 - Content sources.

5:27 - Subscription models.

7:47 - Revenue streams.

14:14 - Digital vs. print content.

17:19 - Company structure; staff, freelancers and contractors.

19:03 - How it all began.

26:45 - Funding challenges and managing cash flow.

39:26 - The importance of being agile and letting go of egos.

42:57 - Flexibility with goals and plans.

45:48 - Hopes for the future.

51:40 - Sharing learnings.

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