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7 June 2023

Matt Hocking

Fusing creativity and sustainability, with Matt Hocking

Matt HockingFounder and Creative Sustainability Officer at Leap
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In this sparkling and stimulating interview, Matt:

  • Talks about his various pursuits in business, focusing on Leap, his planet-centred design agency, touching on other companies he’s set up in the past.

  • Enlightens Alan about Goodfest, a festival that he co-founded, now in its fifth year. It curates 'creative conversations on the beach';, with ecological issues at the core of its programme.

  • Explains that he sits on the board of a range of B-Corp businesses, talking about 'Good F*cking Eco Advice', where he gives eco advice using strong language for impact.

  • Shares his enthusiasm for everything he does, and how it gives him the energy to push forwards with his jam-packed schedule.

  • Highlights the negative impact of digital design on the planet, and that it is important to Leap to always consider the planet as a client.

  • Describes Leap’s company culture, their ethos, financial ecosystem, how important it is to take on good staff, and their excellent staff retention rate – one staff member even has a company logo tattoo.

  • Covers how he advises similar businesses who want to be awarded B Corp status, and how he sees B Corp status as people using business as a force for good, comparing B Corp certification to Fair Trade.

  • Gives an insight into his future dreams for Leap and talks about the importance of not being complacent, and not being distracted by things that are outside of your values and foundations.

Matt Hocking

Founder and Creative Sustainability Officer at Leap


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth

1:49 – Introducing Matt Hocking

3:30 – Goodfest, the festival with ecological issues at its core

4:45 – Sitting on the board of various B-Corp businesses and giving 'Good F*cking Eco Advice';

6:37 – Enthusiasm, and the energy to push forwards

8:08 – All about Leap, the ecology-centred graphic design agency

9:35 – The importance of considering the planet as a client

16:10 – An excellent staff retention and a team member’s company logo tattoo.

23:05 – Company culture and the ethos of "making a living, making a difference";

25:00 – Empowering senior leadership

28:40 – Google's Project Aristotle

30:40 – B Corp status using business as a force for good

34:40 – Leap becoming the first UK design agency to be B Corp certified

37:20 – Actions spawned by the B Corp certification in the wider business world

38:50 – Future dreams

40:50 – Passing on important learnings

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