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3 April 2023

Michael Aitken

Nurturing family through managing wealth, with Michael Aitken

Michael AitkenFounder and Chairman at Magus Wealth
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In this refreshing and warm interview, Mike

  • Reflects on how Magus Wealth has changed in the four years since I last interviewed him, and why they transformed the business's philosophy.

  • Describes the changes they made in the company’s board and leadership team, and sheds light on some of the impacts that these changes had, especially on the company’s culture.

  • Gives an in-depth explanation into the purpose of Magus Wealth’s ‘Academy’.

  • Talks about some learnings from this period of change, including the advantages of being brave, being open minded, and having conviction in yourself and your company.

  • Shares an insight into how his business partnership with Dante Peters functions, and how their different skills and approaches complement each other.

  • Contemplates the structure and position of Magus Wealth now, relating it to the metaphor of a family.

  • Discusses the importance of company culture in shaping the future growth and longevity of a company.

  • Manifests his hopes and his visions for the next one, three, and 10 years of the business.

  • Passes on some key learnings for entrepreneurs in the early stages of starting up a business.

Michael Aitken

Founder and Chairman at Magus Wealth


1:32 - Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth.

4:38 - How Magus Wealth has changed.

9:06 - Impacts on company culture.

14:50 - The purpose of Magus Wealth’s ‘Academy’.

20:11 - Learnings from change.

27:56 - Insights into Mike’s business partnership with Dante Peters.

35:03 - How version one and two of Magus Wealth functioned.
40:58 - Relating Magus Wealth to the metaphor of a family.
44:15 - How culture shapes a company’s growth and longevity.
46:04 - Hopes and visions for Magus Wealth’s future.
53:40 - Key learnings for start-up entrepreneurs.

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