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25 July 2022

Nick Russill 2

Reducing environmental impact, with Nick Russill

Nick Russill 2Co-founder of Snow-Forecast (and TerraDat Geophysics)
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In this insightful interview, Nick, Co-founder of Snow Forecast (and TerraDat Geophysics):

  • Summarises the purpose of his website with an insight of its scale of users and the site’s business model.

  • Explains the website’s different revenue streams, and his preference for subscriptions and direct deals over advertising an income revenue.

  • Details the turnover of the business and the vast increase in subscribers following the Covid-19 pandemic, recognising the impact of Snow Forecast’s sister websites on the increase in users.

  • Recounts how his education and personal life led him and his partners to create forecasts for specialist activities, and the decisions that led them to launch a public website.

  • Enthuses about the community served by the website, and that community's impact on decisions they make in operating the website.

  • Pinpoints the moment when he realised the business was sustainable and successful, as the website started to create revenue.

  • Highlights the new challenges involved operating the five sister websites and shares his hopes for the growth of the websites, and some new innovations for future proofing.

  • Stresses the importance of a strong company culture and how their own company culture allows them to turn issues into advantages.

  • Reveals lessons he’s learned from the business, including not pursuing side streams that aren’t lucrative, and the importance of consulting other sources for innovation and technical input.

Nick Russill

Co-founder of Snow-Forecast (and TerraDat Geophysics)


2:18 - The purpose of the website,

3:36 - Insights into the site’s business model, and website monetisation.

6:56 - Different revenue streams.

16:03 - The functions of the five sister websites.

18:46 - The strengths of running all operations internally.

20:44 - How it all began.

26:31 - The website’s community’s impact on how things are run.

27:21 - Realising the business was sustainable and successful.

32:22 - Meeting the need for customer service.

36:55 - The challenges of changes in advertising legislation affecting revenue streams.

42:12 - The importance of a strong company culture.

44:23 - Hopes for growth, and new innovations.

51:06 - Lessons learned.

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