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25 July 2022

Paulina Tenner

Blending business and burlesque, with Paulina Tenner

Paulina TennerFounder of GrantTree
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In this fascinating interview you will hear:

  • Insights into how a ‘no bosses’ culture can help a business thrive.

  • How allowing staff to curate their own career unlocks true potential.

  • The benefits of having a completely transparent, open culture, where staff set their own salaries.

  • The highs and lows of investing in small tech businesses.

  • How a burlesque persona and a business persona can complement each other.

Paulina Tenner

Founder of GrantTree


1:42 - Describing GrantTree.

4:57 - A holacratic approach.

10:37 - Trust and transparency.

11:42 - Using an ‘open culture’ interview process to find ‘self-authoring’ employees.

15:07 - A competitive edge.

17:40 - Starting from scratch.

20:20 - R&D tax credits, and which companies qualify for the scheme.

23:23 - GrantTree’s business model.

28:22 - Burlesque hobby.

30:10 - Interweaving business and burlesque personas into a book.

31:16 - Emotional benefits of being an ‘angel investor’.

32:38 - Successes and failures of investment in start-ups.

33:58 - Ambitions for the future.

36:07 - Tricky transition from CEO to executive.

39:15 - Sharing learnings.

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