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27 June 2023

Phil Nunn and Charlie Bodycote

Making EV charging easy, with Phil Nunn and Charlie Bodycote

Phil Nunn and Charlie BodycoteFounder and President of the Americas
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In our dynamic and inspiring conversation, Phil (Founder and President of the Americas) and Charlie (Chief Executive):

  • Explain what Jumptech is all about and how they provide their customers with a frictionless experience.

  • Describe the many types of customers and companies that use Jumptech, and how they win big contracts.

  • Share Jumptech’s journey, from its founding moments to the present day, as well as their and their team’s backgrounds.

  • Drill down into the specifics of the technology side of the business and how they resource that side of their operations.

  • Highlight that they are a purpose-led business, why they feel this is important and how it impacts on their recruiting process.

  • Explain how a young, unknown company like Jumptech managed to get some big hitting clients on board.

  • Delve into the charge point sector, how it has expanded, and how competitive the market currently is.

  • Share the learnings they gained from working together in the past, how they’ve worked out their roles as founder and CEO, and insights they have for other businesses to learn from.

  • Discuss their plans for Jumptech’s future.

Phil Nunn

Founder and President of the Americas


1:18 – Our show’s sponsor, Magus Wealth

1:47 – Introducing Phil Nunn and Charlie Bodycote

2:13 – What Jumptech is all about

3:55 – Examples of companies that use Jumptech

4:25 – Jumptech’s history

6:20 – Drilling down into the technology

7:50 – Jumptech’s purpose and core values

12:00 – How Jumptech managed to get big hitting clients on board

13:40 – The nature of Jumptech’s ecosystem

15:50 – The charge point sector and its continuing expansion

17:15 – The competitiveness of the EV market

19:55 – Phil and Charlie’s backgrounds

23:57 – Jumptech’s early years

26:20 – Handing over the CEO reins

28:00 – Charlie’s observations when he joined Jumptech

33:00 – Where Phil and Charlie would like Jumptech to be in a few years’ time

36:00 – The importance of allowing people to own up to making mistakes

40:02 – Google's project Aristotle

41:15 – Passing on learnings for young businesses

45:40 – The value of having a vision towards the future of a business

46:42 – The importance of planning for the times when the plan doesn't work

47:41 – Funding specifics, and having investors that believe in the vision of the business

50:18 – How Jumptech managed to get off to such a good start

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